Swarupa services

Welcome to the Swarupa services page.  Swarupa services are infused with an empowering sensational experience of love. May we all know the cosmic light that shines from with in!

Please know that you are always welcome to contact Megan with any inquiry that arises. 



Swarupa Resonance Program

Intensive, transformational opportunities for spiritual expansion and discovery.

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Swarupa Meditation

A guided individually created process steeped in imagery, breath, sound, and energetics.

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Swarupa Sound

A rhythmic repatterning medicine that can restore balance by eliciting a resonance and entrainment response from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

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Swarupa Breath Light

A journey of awareness with our whole being that is intentionally linked to the breath.

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Swarupa Medicine Bowls

A gathering, multi-layered and intimate with women as pioneers, warriors, healers, lovers and truth tellers.

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