Swarupa Resonance Program 

Intensive, transformational opportunities for spiritual expansion and discovery.

This program, formed through a series of 90 min Swarupa sessions is like a portal inviting you to your truth, your healing, your natural form. From here the vastness of possibilities unfolds at your feet and in your heart while being reflected through out your life. Your natural form is reached through a safe, facilitated process in which spiritual embodiment leads and nourishes with a supportive, clarifying, empowering truth. This program embodies and draws from  healing modalities spanning cultures and traditions such as; chanting, sacred sound, meditation, living breath , conscious movement, highly calibrated energetics, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, and other powerful, magical modalities. 

Email me at love@swarupalife.com to schedule a session or set up your personalized Swarupa Resonance Program! You and I will discuss the number of sessions that you can commit to in your program prior to our first day together or have clarity around that number by the end of your first program session. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at love@swarupalife.com or 253 310 3353. I look forward to being with you and your natural form! 

Each 90 min Swarupa session is $100. 

Be sure and check out the calendar of events for classes at Swarupa and other local locations. Lets be together in community for the healing of self and others.  As always, no experience necessary to attend any Swarupa class, session, or gathering. Show up exactly as you are. Namaste!

All are welcome here!

May your light shine.

May you feel your radiance.

May you know your truth.

May you embody your natural form.