Movement & Stillness

 Movement & Stillness

It is my belief that movement and stillness make up the very existence of everything. We notice it in the strong presence of a tree as its branches are caressed by the swaying wind. The tree still holds and contains the stillness of who it is. There is a stillness with in, even during the movement with out. This perception remains true as that very same tree when the wind is nowhere around to play, moves and vibrates to its own internal rhythm, its internal movement. Within movement there can be stillness and within stillness there can be movement. Through this play and laboratory of mind, body, soul, we can began to dive even deeper into ourselves and mine out that which holds back movement and stillness. We can mine out that which keeps things locked away out of protection, avoidance, fear, anger, guilt, rejection…..Within both movement and stillness the body tells the stories.¬† The body is offered center stage as the safety holding the experience frees the mind and ego to relax. Sometimes the body is completely still and yet the breath moves, and yet the pulsing of energy movement can be felt. Sometimes the body is wildly moving and yet the internal subtle space of the body is still. This is where we connect with our Swarupa; our natural form…our most fundamental frequency of existence.

Movement and Stillness is a conscious, sensory supported practice of changing form and moving the body as a way of self-expression and release. Movement and Stillness is a moving meditation, similar to yoga but less structured and more spontaneous. When moving we allow form and boundaries of the physical body to blur, to release, to expand. By this it is meant that we allow our physical form to become free, and naturally we internally arrive into a space of stillness. We take on any shape, substance, emotion, texture…any desire to mimic and/or describe a rhythm from the internal or external environment that we live in. We move the body to music, to breath, to intuitive listening, and use what is in and around us to describe where and who we are.

This is the underlying current of Swarupa. This is what I wish to share with all of you and I get to do that through the classes, series, and workshops offered through Swarupa. Please, check out the event calendar if you are interested in learning more or sharing sacred space! And, if you are called to experience individual sessions with me, check out the Swarupa Resonance Program page for details. Contact me with any questions you may have.

Peace and Blessings!